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There are very few times I have actually sat down to write a review. I am doing this now because of the exceptional service we get at the Kennel Club LAX. The employees are fantastic. They are always welcoming, attentive, compassionate and go above and beyond to accommodate us. Our dogs LOVE going to the kennel club LAX. When we pick them up their tails wag so hard. Also the grooming department is the best in the city!

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Ingrid Berg

The Kennel Club has been a God send and a life saver. i could not have my little girl without them. She feels safe and right at home with the Kennel Club as though they are family and that’s because that’s how they treat her. She doesn’t mind coming to visit, in fact as we round the corner she gets very excited. She is always happy to see all of the staff at the Kennel Club and must say goodbye to EVERYONE everyday before she leaves. I know the Kennel Club loves her and I love the Kennel Club and they take such wonderful care of her whether its daycare or boarding. The Kennel Club is highly recommended by me.

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Arlene Mitchell

The staff are wonderful-caring, considerate, friendly & very professional. We would bring Dino-our dog- back anytime.

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Lee Cowden

It’s good to know that I found a place that is responsibly priced that I can take Leo to and I felt very relaxed knowing he was in good hands.

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Carol Genovese

Sophie loves the VIP treatment. We’re so happy she gets to hang out w/ people and dogs the whole time. Thanks!

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Kate Franke

My dog Cooper was new to being boarded and the staff took the time to figure out his needs- I LOVE it there, I wish I knew of The Kennel Club sooner.

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Bonnie Podell

I have used The Kennel a lot over the last four or five years. I live in Costa Mesa and drive my dog, Delilah, up to the Kennel because she gets such good care there-from the walks, to the busy bones at night. I never worry about her there when I gone on trips because I know she gets a lot of care and attention. Delilah is my “baby” even if she weighs 85 lbs! I want the best for her, so I bring her to The Kennel at LAX when I have to board her.

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Linda Brown

My dog is always eager to go to the Kennel Club which makes me feel like he is well taken care of while he stays there. I also really appreciate how you update me on how he did every time I pick him up. Checking in and out is always easy and fairly quick.

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Monica Quinn

We love your service – my pups are always excited to get to Kennel Club LAX and are happy when I pick them up. Have a great holiday season :)

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Bonnie Ross

We love the KennelClubLAX, and our dogs do too.
Our last dog, Brutus, really liked staying there, and the one time he stayed somewhere else, he busted out of his kennel and bit a sick dog (it turned out he was sick, too, and died just a few weeks later). But, the good experiences we had with him at your facility have made it our first choice of kennel for our two rescued Neapolitan Mastiffs, Aries and Achielles.
As much as I wish I could take them with me wherever I go, Aries doesn’t travel too well with her hip and knee issues, and even the ride over to the kennel is stressful for her, but I know she’s in good hands at the KennelClubLAX.
For a short two-day trip, we placed the dogs in another kennel, and it was apparent they weren’t too happy there, so I’m glad they are coming to stay with you again soon – they love everyone there, and are happy to go through the door and go back with the other dogs.
One of your employees has asked me if I would give Achielles up so he could adopt him, but besides my contract with the rescue organizatin prohibiting such a swap, I love Achielles and don’t like being away from him – even just to go to work during the day. Since he’s such a baby (true – he’s a 150-lb baby) he just wants to be with people and other dogs, and I think the KennelClubLAX gives him everything he needs while he’s there.
I can’t think of what KennelClubLAX would need to improve on…except move to a location nearer my house – haha! – so please just keep up the good work, and take care of my puppies so I don’t worry so much when I’m away from them. Thank you.

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Julie Dobyns (and Stewart Davis), for Aries and Achielles

I have two cats who currently stay with you when I travel. I cannot say enough about how well my pets are treated during their stays. Maxwell J. and Miss Elizabeth.
All of the staff know my cats and their personalities and remark on them every time I bring them in.
I feel secure knowing that while they are away from me they are in excellent hands.
In particular, I would like to recognize Carol. Our house flooded with sewer water after we had just moved into our house. The cats walked through all of this water and required a visit to the vet before I had to board them for two weeks while our house was being repaired.
This of course all happened on a Saturday. When I brought them in at 4:30 pm that day Carol took it upon herself to have them immediately bathed to clean all the sewer water off Max and Elizabeth. She then made sure they had a dose of their medication immediately after.
Carol then called me that same night and the following day to assure me that Max and Elizabeth were fine and that they were not showing any signs of illness from their little adventure. This is over and beyond and I really appreciated this. Thank you very much for taking such good care of my babies!

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My experience with boarding my cat with you has been good in every way. We travel frequently through spring and summer, and every time I call your representatives are friendly and helpful. I assume thay have become familiar with Phoebe and make every effort to provide her with the accomodations she (I) love; day/night kennel with a window!
We have had no problems, fortunately, but I feel confident that any issues would be dealt with professionally and compassionately. We have no worries when Phobe takes her “vacations” at Kennel Club…. Thank you for a great service

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Joanne Graham & Phoebe

We love bringing Giacomo (Jack) to the Kennel Club because we know he will be well taken care of. I can tell by his excitement when we enter that you treat him well. Your front desk staff could not be any nicer and truly enjoy the animals they are watching. I have referred you to many friends and will continue to do so. Just keep doing what you are doing – it is working for Jack and our family. It aches my heart when I leave him but I know he is always in good hands with the Kennel Club LAX.

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Susan Tomaro

I have been very happy with the cottage for my doggie, Dulce. My impression is that she feels comfortable staying there as she doesn’t seem upset when I drop her off and she is relatively calm when I pick her up. The staff seems kind and caring. I love the dogs who hang out in the front. They seem happy and relaxed. I wish my dog were social so she could have that experience too.

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Deborah Myers

The Kennel Club was recommended to us by Carlyn S. and her dog Lyla. They are moving back from Paris in January so I am sure you will be seeing them again. I can’t tell you how happy we are with the Kennel club. Not only does your staff knows how to take care of the cute, lovable, sweet doggies that everyone wants to be around, but even a scaredy-cat, neurotic German Shepard dog like Carlos. He comes home from the Kennel Club happy and raring to play. We drop him off at the Kennel club even when we aren’t flying. We recommend the LAX Kennel club to EVERYONE who truly loves their dogs. I love that I can get my dog even when you are closed. Don’t change a thing. I can truly enjoy a holiday or vacation because I know Carlos is being taken care of and will be in better shape than when we dropped him off. You all are the best.

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Peggy & Paul Goddard and of course Carlos

I regret to inform you that my dog Pepper, who was a frequent guest at your kennel, passed away at the ripe old age of 15 1/2 on October 23, 2009….
Your kennel is easily the best I’ve seen in Los Angeles, and I would enthusiastically recommend The Kennel Club LAX to anyone who needs to board his/her pet(s) for any length of time. Throughout his life, I know Pepper always immensely enjoyed his stays at your establishment – so much so that on several occasions your staff and I got a huge laugh when I came to pick him up: Pepper ran out happily, got one glimpse of me, halted in his tracks, understood he was going home, and immediately turned around to try get back inside.
You guys make everything easy. You can be reached by phone or pager 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your prices are extremely reasonable. You are always courteous on the phone and in person, no matter how visibly busy you are. You were always open whenever we needed you, including weekend and holiday check-ins and -outs. Your drop-off procedures are fairly simple, quick, painless and welcoming. You are very accommodating to special needs and requests. You offer many special options, but you never once tried to push an up-sell on me. Your facilities are remarkably clean and well-maintained. And you always took wonderful, loving care of my beloved dog, even in his final weeks when he was quite old and exceptionally frail.
My relationship with your kennel extends back to when my dog was just a young puppy. You may recall that over the years I never complained about anything whatsoever. That’s only because I never had any reason to do so. Please don’t change a thing. If I ever get another pet, I look forward to bringing him/her to you for all his/her boarding needs. From my experience, any pet in your care is one lucky animal.
Best regards and the most heartfelt gratitude,
Arthur Wilner

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Arthur Wilner

Many thanks to you and the Kennel Club LAX staff for being responsive to our pet’s needs and very easy to work with. It is nice to be able to drop our pets off and return home without worries regarding their care. Thanks again for all you do.

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Kathy B.

The Kennel Club provides the best experience for the pets and its owners at the best price. The quality of services is one of a kind. My dogs have always received the best care and attention from the Kennel Club.

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Marcela Martin

I have nothing but praise for everything about Kennel Club LAX! I have been coming to you since the early 90′s and my dogs and I have always been very happy with their stay.

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Jon Maas

I have several times asked my dog, Lizzy, to tell me about her stay at the Kennel Club @ LAX, but she only wags her tail, too overcome w/ joy at seeing me to talk rationally. I know she enjoys her stays, since she is familiar with all the caregivers and never balks or hesitates to enter at the beginning of a visit. Upon pick up I always get a frank and honest “report card” on her stay and neither of us has ever had a moment’s pause about the experience. I have recommended the facility to friends and family unhesitatingly.

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