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March 1, 2022by kennelclublax

Our pets are family members, and we often like to take them with us wherever we go. If you’re visiting Los Angeles or live here, you’ve got plenty of options for places to visit that are dog-friendly. There are parks, beaches, walking trails, restaurants, outdoor shopping, and more. In fact, there are over 75 dog-friendly areas all over the Los Angeles area. 

Because there are so many amazing places in LA where you can take your dog, we can’t name them all, but we will highlight some of our favorites. No matter what type of activity you enjoy with your dog, there’s a place for you in Los Angeles. In this article, we’ll walk you through our favorite top ten sites in LA that are dog-friendly, and we know you’ll love to visit again and again.


1. Vasquez Rocks Natural Area and Nature Center

If you’re looking for a unique experience while staying safe with your pet, Vasquez Rocks Natural Area and Nature Center is the spot you’re looking for. There are plenty of trails for hiking and rock climbing, but if your pet would rather stay on flat ground, this 932 acres park has those, too. Vasquez is a popular destination for hikers, picnickers, and equestrians. The area is one of LA’s most beautiful nature destinations used in many television shows, commercials, and hit movies, making it the perfect site-seeing and photo-taking opportunity. You can check out some of those amazing photo ops on the Vasquez Rocks Natural Area and Nature Center Yelp page.


2. Mount Hollywood Trail

Mount Hollywood Trail is a three-mile hike through Griffith Pazrk for the adventurous hiker. It takes about an hour and a half to complete, but it has some of the best views of the Hollywood sign and the Los Angeles Basin. Everywhere you look on the trail are scenic views and the sounds of nature. 


3. Mildred E Mathias Botanical Garden

This seven-acre public garden is open and accessible to the public, situated on the UCLA campus. The Mildred E Mathias Botanical Garden grows and maintains one of the most important botanical collections, with domestic and international plants and flowers growing year-round. Dogs on leashes are welcome. You can walk through the garden with them and enjoy the beauty of the park.


4. Lazy Dog Restaurant

Looking for a bite to eat? Lazy Dog is a chain of restaurants in both Northern and Southern California. They’re known to be dog friendly, so much so that they have a dog menu! Treat yourself and your dog to lunch for two.


5. Fletcher “Fetch” Dog Park

Fletcher Fetch Park has a ton of areas for small and large dogs. The park has off-leash areas, dog soak areas, canine agility equipment, and walkways and trails. When you’re done adventuring, take a seat on a bench in the shade and cool off at the water fountain.


6. Huntington Dog Beach

Located in Orange County, Huntington Beach is just south of Los Angeles County and is right on the ocean. The beach is dog-friendly, and you can (unofficially) take your dog off-leash. You can enjoy the ocean view and sand under your feet all year long.


7. Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve

Two-hundred-twenty-five acres just outside Sherman Oaks in Encino, the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve boasts several walking trails for any level of hiker and even has an off-leash dog park. The nature lover and hiker is sure to find something they’ll enjoy with their dog.


8. Bluffs Creek Trail

Bluffs Creek Trail is one of our favorite quick hikes. Easy to access with nice views and shade, it’s great for all skill levels. You’re sure to meet some fellow dog lovers and their pals on the path.


9. Blue Dog Beer Tavern

Enjoy a cold one after hiking or visiting the beach. Blue Dog Beer Tavern is an old-school beer and burger spot in Sherman Oaks. Named one of the best places to eat with your dog, you can even submit photos of your dog to be displayed on their doggie wall of fame. Maybe an Instagram-worthy shots from one of your hikes? 


10. Wattles Garden Park

Wattles Garden Park is a 2.6-mile loop trail that leads through beautiful wildflowers and meadows, with some moderate uphill walking required for those who want more of a workout or just like being in high nature settings! Hikers of all levels can use the path – from beginners looking at exploring new areas near their home base city to the more experienced seeking long walks without too much jargon along sightseeing routes into Angeles National Forest. Leashed dogs are welcome on this walk as well, which is located on the grounds of the beautiful Wattles Mansion.


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