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October 2, 2023by kennelclublax

October isn’t just about pumpkin-spice everything; it’s also National Pet Wellness Month! 

To honor this month, we’ve crafted a concise Q&A with our resident wellness wizard, Dr. Adam Davis from PriVET. From unwrapping the mysteries of wellness exams to wrangling the right vaccines, Dr. Adam’s expertise will be the catnip to your curiosity.

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What happens during a wellness exam?

A wellness exam is a crucial session where a detailed nose-to-tail assessment is performed on your pet to proactively monitor their health. In these exams, signs that might indicate health issues are identified early, with appropriate recommendations provided to address any concerns detected. A wellness exam is a routine medical examination of a pet that appears healthy. It is not a visit for a pet who has signs of illness or disease.


How often should pets get a wellness exam?

Dogs and cats under seven years of age should get annual wellness exams. However, pets that are being managed for particular medical conditions may require more frequent evaluations.


Why should dogs be on heartworm preventative?

The necessity for heartworm preventatives for dogs is often dictated by individual lifestyle and environmental exposure. During the wellness exam, be sure to discuss these factors and work with the veterinarian on a parasite prevention program. This might include a combination of preventatives protecting against fleas, ticks, and heartworms.


What vaccines should dogs receive?

There are core vaccines like distemper, parvo and rabies recommended for all dogs (unless there is a medical reason not to). The dog’s age, location and lifestyle will factor into the recommended non-core vaccines. These might include vaccines like Leptospira, Bordetella, and CIV.


Do cats need to be on heartworm preventative?

The majority do not. Cats are not the natural host for heartworm and the disease is much less common than in dogs. Geographic region, indoor/outdoor status and other variables can be considered before making any decision regarding heartworm prevention. Monthly Revolution application can be used for flea and heartworm prevention and would be recommended for most cats that spend time outdoors. 


What vaccines should cats receive?

There are core vaccines like FVRCP and rabies recommended for all cats. Non-core vaccine recommendations for cats factor in age, whether they are indoor or outdoor cats, geographic location and their general lifestyle. 


How can I take action during National Pet Wellness Month?

Proactive care for dogs and cats involves attentive observation of any changes in behavior and physical appearance, prompt reporting of any concerns to your vet, and scheduling regular wellness exams. Don’t forget about dental health as well. Thank you for all that you do to protect the human-animal bond and maintain a high quality of life for your beloved pets!


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