Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

July 3, 2014by kennelclublax

Celebrating the birth of our country is about gathering together with friends and family, enjoying the beautiful summertime weather, barbequing, relaxing and watching the pyrotechnics. Pets do not understand fireworks and find them loud and scary. The following are a few tips on how to keep your pet safe this Fourth of July.

Pets should be kept indoors, preferably in an isolated room with music or the television on to muffle noise from outside. Visiting guest should know to keep windows and doors closed so pets cannot run outside.

Pets should be wearing their identification tags at all times with a secure collar or harness.

Barbeque, delicious foods, decadent desserts, and cold drinks are a tasty start to a festive Fourth of July. However human food should be eaten by humans not pets. Many foods humans eat are harmful to pets. Even just a bite of hamburger can upset a pet’s stomach. Be mindful of what you give your pets and what your guest offers your pets. Foods to avoid feeding your pets are chocolate, sugary foods, foods with bones, any alcoholic drinks, garlic, onions and heavily seasoned foods.

Keep lighter fluid and matches out of the reach of children and pets.

Pyrotechnics are a part of the Fourth of July celebration. Keep your pets at home, or with a reputable boarding / daycare facility. They do not understand the flashes, noises and burning smell of fireworks. These conditions frighten pets and often make them want to run away from the noise and smells. Most pets are lost on the Fourth of July for this reason.

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