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January 7, 2022by kennelclublax

One of the more difficult choices that a devoted pet owner will face regularly is the decision of where they can leave their pets and know that they are in good hands when the need to travel arises. No one takes care of your pet better than you do, but when you need to fly somewhere for a much-needed vacation or an important event, knowing that your pet is safe and in good hands is of critical importance for your peace of mind. We know you’ll be looking for the best pet boarding facilities in Los Angeles.

With over forty years in the business, Kennel Club LAX is only too aware of the importance that pets have to their owners, and we understand the necessary respect and quality care that the average dog or cat owner demands of pet care or boarding facilities. With that in mind, while we do offer a full suite of services ranging from boarding, daycare, spa, and grooming, and transportation of pets to and from the airport, we do understand that ours is not the only high-quality pet service in the LA area.

It’s only fair that a potential client will want to be properly informed of all their options before committing to a choice for pet boarding, and even our regular clients might occasionally find that our facilities are fully booked during a holiday when they need to travel. In any case, we know that some will inevitably choose one of our competitors over us, and in that case, we enjoy directing people towards the businesses listed below.

All of the pet boarding services listed in this article are businesses that we can endorse when our own services don’t fit your needs for whatever reason. We can recommend them because we know the owners personally, we’ve heard good things from our own clients, or simply because we like how they do business.

So if you are looking for a reliable and high-quality business to take care of your beloved cat or dog while you’re traveling, and our services simply don’t work for you, read on to learn about some other facilities with some of the best pet boarding in Los Angeles!


Wag Hotels in West Hollywood

  • Founded: 2005
  • Services: Boarding, doggie daycare, training, spa service
  • Website: Wag Hotels

A chain of pet services with locations in various California cities, Wag Hotels, boasts facilities that prioritize the comfort of the pets that stay there. The business was initially founded on principles of following scientific practices and eco-friendly facilities.

Apart from the more standard services offered, such as boarding and daycare, Wag Hotels also offer more specialized and unique services such as a “wag cam” to keep an eye on your pet and a-la-carte options for individual services such as extra walks or access to a pool.


Camp Run-a-Mutt

  • Founded: 2007
  • Services: Daycare, boarding, grooming, obedience training
  • Website: Camp Run-a-Mutt LAX

Another franchise business founded on the principles of running a dog care services operation that prioritizes the safety and comfort of the dogs being cared for. Apart from standard boarding and care services, Camp Run-a-Mutt (CRAM) also offers a webcam feature for owners to check in on their pets. While convenient, it also could be a downside for customers concerned about privacy for their pets and themselves. Like many similar businesses, CRAM offers a cage-free facility with playrooms coated in astroturf to mimic public parks.


Down Dog Lodge

  • Founded: 2017
  • Services: Daycare, boarding, grooming, specialized puppy care
  • Website: Down Dog Lodge

While Down Dog Lodge doesn’t offer quite as wide a range of services as some of the other businesses on our list, their unique selling point is a “family” mentality they foster with their clients, which encourages repeat business and loyal customers. They achieve this by requiring all new patrons to undergo a temperament test to ensure that no canine guest will prove antagonistic towards others.

While this personality testing does present a possible disadvantage (the test is required to be performed over two days and comes with an extra fee), this policy offers the advantage that clients who complete the process can feel totally confident that their dog will be in a safe and friendly environment where the staff knows them personally.


Kennel Club LAX

  • Founded: 1983
  • Services: Daycare and boarding for cats and dogs, spa & grooming, play facilities/equipment, on-call vet, relocation services
  • Website: Kennel Club LAX

No list of the best boarding in LA would be complete without including our own awesome facility & team. We offer a full suite of services ranging from boarding, daycare, spa, and grooming, and even relocation & transportation of pets. Our luxury boarding and daycare service provides plenty of fresh air and play time and includes both communal and private rooms to make your companion as comfortable as they are at home. Our gorgeous 12,000-foot pet hotel leads outside to an additional 12,000 square feet of outdoor play yards and swimming pool.


VCA Kennel Club Resort & Spa

Tied for the oldest enterprise on our list, VCA offers the more traditional basic services of boarding (daycare and overnight), dedicated playrooms, and spa treatment. On a somewhat more unique level, VCA offers both specialized hydrotherapy and messages to their animal guests, boasting to be one of the first businesses in the area to do so. Various extra play options are available a-la-carte at different price points.


Grateful Dogs Clubhouse

  • Founded: 1999
  • Services: Daycare, boarding washing, and grooming, in-house pet supplies store
  • Website: Grateful Dogs Clubhouse

Boasting a large care facility with 10,000 square feet of indoor space and a 5,000 square foot outdoor play area, Grateful Dogs offers another quality option for boarding, daycare, and grooming. The spa offers a range of services at various prices, with the various baths and washing being available all day and hair cuts and grooming available with an appointment. Their pet boutique also offers a convenient option to pick up any food or pet supplies you may need when dropping off or picking up your dog.

Keep in mind that if you are traveling around the holidays, due to high demand, Grateful Dogs may require guests to complete an advance registration form and charge a non-refundable fee.


No Matter What, Make a Good Choice!

While we certainly hope that you choose us as your go-to pet care option, our primary concern is educating our clientele and ensuring they are informed of all the options available to them. At the end of the day, the safety and comfort of pets is our number one concern, and if someone decides they don’t want to or can’t make use of our services, we want to be sure that they find a high-quality pet care choice that will treat their beloved companions with the respect they deserve!

Like the other facilities listed here, Kennel Club LAX offers only the best in terms of cage and kennel free care for daycare or overnight boardings. We have a variety of packages and a-la-carte options for lodging and play activities for dogs and cats, as well as several treatments available in our grooming spa.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out more about our first-class service for your pet!

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