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March 9, 2021by kennelclublax

Are you flying out of LAX for an extended trip? Don’t leave your cat lonely at home! From drop off to pick up, your cat will experience 1st-class care and fun from our professional staff, making our accommodations irresistible.

Continue reading for a full overview of our services and what your cat will experience during their time in our hotel.


What Are The Accommodations Like?

Your cat will be in what we call The Cattery. The Cattery is a space within our 12,000 sq. ft. facility offering lodging away from dogs to eliminate stress and encourage a peaceful environment. Your cat’s condo will be filled with the sounds of relaxing music and maid service throughout their stay.

Fresh litter and clean linens are provided to keep their space clean and sanitary. All areas are sanitized and cleaned daily, with necessary cleaning happening all day long.

While our maids are cleaning your favorite feline’s room, they will get a chance to visit our kitty aerobics area. Our spaces are designed to allow your cat a chance to run, scratch, jump and play.

Don’t worry about your cat missing a meal. Our staff feeds your pet on a regular schedule. You can even bring your cat’s favorite food for us to use. We even provide tuna and scrumptious treats for picky eaters at no additional charge.

If you provide us with your own food and we run out, we can even pick up more of your preferred brand for an additional fee.

Your cat’s condo features temperature-controlled suites and natural lighting, giving your cat the feeling of being right at home in your living room, basking in the sun.


Our Grooming Services

We offer a wide variety of services we can provide to your cat during their stay. Take a look at our full menu of services to decide what fits your pet’s needs best. Make sure you plan ahead and make your appointments ahead of time.


What If My Cat Is Nervous?

We completely understand that your cat may do better in our facility with some tokens from home. It’s completely acceptable for you to bring bedding from home, so long as it can be washed entirely in our washing machine and dryers. You may also bring toys, carriers, treats, or anything to make them feel more at home.

Please keep in mind that we are very diligent with our cleaning policies, and things may get misplaced. Please label all of your pet’s belongings with your pet’s name and your last name to make departure as easy as possible for you and your pet.


What If I’m Nervous?

Leaving your pet alone while you enjoy time away on vacation or go off for a business trip is stressful. We will do everything possible to ensure your pet’s needs are met. Our staff is trained to provide medication to your pet if required.

Of course, in the event of an emergency, we will alert you immediately. And if you’re worried in the middle of the night, just call our after-hours line at (310) 242-0038, and our 24/7 staff would be happy to update you on your cat’s day.


Your Cat’s Itinerary

You’ve handled the itinerary for your trip, so let us handle your pets! We have broken down exactly what your cat will experience throughout the day and ways to make the stay even more enjoyable and convenient.


Drop Off

If needed, our staff can pick your cat up from the airport and bring them to our hotel. You can also drop your cat off at our facility between 8 am and 6 pm daily. Don’t worry if you have an early morning or late-night flight – we handle pickup and drop-off 24/7. Coordinate with us by calling (310) 361-9528, and we will be happy to make arrangements that work best for you and your pet.


Wake Up Call

Your cat will begin their day with breakfast served to them. Morning also comes with our staff cleaning and sanitizing their condo space and giving them a chance to exercise and play.

We have two different playrooms: The Cat Room and the Kitty Aerobics area. Your cat can see other cats but are all kept separate unless you bring in multiple cats you wish to stay together. There are no group activities for cats to ensure your cat’s stay is as relaxing as possible.

For $16, your cat can experience our Activity Package. This package includes Kitty Aerobics, a massage or brush, and kitty-safe milk and cookies. This is the perfect add-on to pamper your kitty. The massage/brush is handled by one of our experienced groomers.



At lunchtime, your cat will get its second meal of the day, and our staff will check in on their condo to ensure it’s clean as a whistle. The afternoon is the perfect time for some other activities for your cat, such as our kitty laser tag.

We pride ourselves on providing one-on-one play with your cat to make sure they’re never bored and make sure their condo is filled with toys to play and keep entertained. Our staff also provides an afternoon treat.

Providing vitamins at mealtime is no additional cost.
Pills/capsules/vitamins at other points throughout the day are $2 for each administration.
Our professional staff is trained in providing insulin injections should your pet need them ($7.50 per injection).



One final feeding finishes out your cat’s busy day of activities. Our staff will check-in for a final cleaning and ensure your cat is comfortable as they wind down for the day. Should your cat need any medication, those can be administered in the evening.



Don’t think we just shut the lights off and forget your pet for the night. Our staff is present 24/7 and will perform wellness checks throughout the night.


Pick Up

When you’re ready to pick up your cat, we ask that you arrive between 8 am and 11 am. Should you need to come later, you will be charged an extra day of boarding unless you opt-in for an exit bath.

Our professional groomers can provide your cat with a bath before heading home. Make sure you make these grooming appointments ahead of time to ensure your spot on our schedule, as we may be unable to accommodate service requests at the time of drop-off.


Why Kennel Club LAX?

Our affordable prices and comfortable accommodations are the perfect solutions for your boarding needs. The most important thing when finding the best boarding option for you is communication. We will do our best to accommodate all your needs and wishes.

We can also work with you to visit our kennel yourself before your pet’s stay. Our staff is willing to walk you through all the available options our facility offers. We love your pets as much as you do and want them to have an amazing stay.

If you’re still on the fence, take a look at our testimonials here for some feedback from past visitors.

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