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April 15, 2021by kennelclublax

Leaving your pet behind while you travel can be a terrifying thought — you want what’s best for your pet, but how do you know your pet is being perfectly cared for? You know precisely what your pet likes — how can you expect a stranger to handle things properly?

You’re not alone in these anxieties. Leaving your pet with someone else for the first time can be an intimidating experience. You aren’t sure if your pet will have fun or if they’ll be scared without you by their side.

At Kennel Club LAX, we help pet owners like you understand what to expect of your pet’s first stay in our facility. We’ve compiled this list of the top questions we get asked so you can rest easy knowing your pet is safe in our care. Jump in and see if these answers prepare you for your pet’s first stay.

Here are the top 8 questions we get asked:

1. Does my dog need to be evaluated before they can participate in group play — what if they aren’t friendly with other dogs?

Yes — every dog is different, and even dogs that have been in play environments with other dogs before might react differently their first time here.

Unfortunately, skirmishes can happen — that’s why we keep multiple trained staff members with the dogs at all times. They will be carefully monitoring their interactions, proactively working to prevent problems, and responding quickly if there is a problem.

If your dog does seem stressed and cannot adapt to group play, don’t worry. Our facility is equipped with many options to keep them happy outside of group activities — including one-on-one playtime with our friendly and caring staff.

2. Can I bring my pet’s favorite blanket, toys, food, or food bowls?

Our team will provide your pet with cozy bedding for their stay, but if you’d prefer, you’re welcome to bring any time of bedding that can be washed entirely in our washing machines and dryers. Items like beds with stuffing or foam inserts, unfortunately, won’t be able to be cleaned and, for the safety of all of the animals in our care, cannot be brought in.

We know items from home can help your pet feel more secure, so please feel free to bring any toys, carriers, or leashes that you’d like. These items should be labeled with your pet’s name and your last name, just in case things get misplaced.

There is absolutely no obligation for you to bring in bedding or toys for your pet. Our facility supplies every amenity your pet may need, so if you’d rather keep the chew toy at home, feel free to do so.

We cook chicken and brown rice for your dog who needs a particular snack and tuna or baby food for our cats who want a special treat. These services are provided at no extra charge. If your pet is sensitive to new foods, we will gladly serve your pet food from you. If we run out, we can even go pick up more of your pet’s preferred dinner. Of course, we’ll gladly supply the food if your pet isn’t picky.

3. My pet needs medicine, are you able to give it to them?

Our team is trained to administer any medication to your pet per prescription instructions. While we offer this service, please keep in mind that it is an additional charge to our usual nightly rates.

We know that every pet has different needs. Even if your pet has recently had surgery, our team is prepared to help support any pet. We can also accommodate insulin injections.

If your pet is on medication, we ask that all of the medicine your pet needs is written out in a list form and brought with instructions for our staff to use. Let us know how often your pet needs their medication so we can make sure your pet gets the care they need.

4. My female is in heat, or I have an intact male. Are they still able to be boarded?

To prevent any issues with our other lodging pets, your pet won’t participate in group play. However, we offer accommodations that can ensure your pet gets the privacy they need and rest easy while you’re away.

We even offer suites with televisions to make your pet have a bit more enjoyment while alone in their room. Some suites are even themed after worldwide destinations, letting your pet get a little taste of where you’re going on your vacation.

5. I have multiple pets. Can they stay together?

If you have multiple pets of the same species, such as two cats or two dogs, we can allow them to stay together in our lodgings. While your pets would be separated during feeding times and medication times, they’d be able to sleep together.

Additional pets who board together give you the benefit of a slightly reduced cost. Should you have more than two pets that you wish to house at once, just reach out to us, and we’ll see what options are available to you.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to house dogs and cats together.

6. Can I get updates about how my pet is doing during their stay?

We know how anxiety-inducing it is to know your pet is alone with a stranger while you’re off and away. We can send you photos and videos of your pet at any time, 24/7. We’re sure your pet would love to let you know how they’re doing!

Even if you just want to give us a call and ask how they’re doing, our team will always be happy to check in on your pet for you and let you know how their stay is going.

7. What happens if something goes wrong?

In the unlikely event something goes wrong — we are prepared to keep your pet safe. We will do our best to take your pet to your preferred vet, but if we need to get your pet help urgently, we’ll take your pet to our emergency vet for immediate care.

For emergencies after hours, on weekends, or holidays, going to your preferred vet may not be possible. While we know your vet knows your pet almost as well as you do, our priority is making sure your pet is taken care of as quickly as possible.

8. Will you call me if my pet is acting stressed or unhappy?

If your pet seems unhappy, we’ll get in touch with you to see what we can do. Maybe we’re bringing out the wrong toys, and your cat will only play with toys on a string. Or, perhaps we didn’t know your dog hates tummy rubs. We want your pet to have the best stay possible, and if that means giving you a call to help relieve their stress, we’ll do whatever it takes to help.

What Other Questions Do You Have?

We want you to feel completely confident in your choice to leave your beloved pet with us, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have. We know how hard it is for you to leave your pet in someone else’s care, so we’re here to make that process easy. We can even schedule a tour to show you around our facility to know exactly where your pet will be lodging.

If you have any other questions, please send them to us, and we’ll get back to you quickly with an answer.

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