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June 1, 2021by kennelclublax

COVID changed the landscape of daily life, and many people adopted or bought a puppy to battle the feeling of being alone during stay-at-home orders and other restrictions. While you probably trained your puppy around the house, COVID kept many people from being able to get out and socialize them outside of the home.

But now, travel and work restrictions are loosening up some. So what do you do when you want to go on vacation, but your puppy hasn’t been socialized and away from you? It can be a scary thought to leave your beloved member of the family in an unfamiliar place, with people, other animals, and a different environment. This can also trigger anxiety in your pet. They may display behaviors that are different – they may bite, hide, or display some other unwanted behavior.

No matter your situation, Kennel Club LAX has helped concerned pet owners just like you prepare your dog for their first overnight stay away from home. Here are our top tips to help you prepare.


Tip #1: Start Socializing Your Dog

Socializing your dog is one of the most important things you can do to get them ready to board at a kennel. Kennels are full of unfamiliar dogs, and just dropping your dog off without getting them used to other dogs can be stressful.

Take your dog to a dog park, go on walks, meet other people, and take them places where you know pets and their humans will be. Get them used to different sights, sounds, and smells. Exposing them to as many different environments helps decrease stress and unwanted behaviors once they are at the kennel.


Tip #2: Do Half-Day Daycare Visits

Before you schedule an overnight for your dog, take a tour of the kennel you want to use for their stay. You want to be familiar with the kennel, what they provide, and how they handle the animals at the kennel. Once you’ve done a tour, it’s time to schedule a half-day visit for your dog.

A half-day visit prepares both you and your dog to spend time away from each other. This time allows the staff to meet your dog and evaluate your dog’s habits or fears. That way, both your dog and the team are familiar with each other. The staff can prepare before the first overnight visit to accommodate your dog’s needs and temperament issues.

A few hours at Kennel Club LAX with our professionals will ease your mind and help your dog transition to a kennel stay.


Tip #3: Do Full-Day Daycare Visits

Once you are comfortable with a half-day stay at Kennel Club LAX, it’s time to transition to a full-day visit. Kennel Club LAX offers doggy daycare to give you the peace of mind during work hours that your dog is getting the attention they deserve, while you can stay focused on your daily tasks.

Our staff can slowly integrate your dog into group play with a full-day stay and evaluate how they interact with other dogs. The first time may not always be perfect, but we will continue to work with your dog and get them socialized to the group safely. Our staff is experienced with helping everyone be happy and play safely.

And don’t worry if you miss your dog! You can request photos and videos to see how your dog is doing to set your mind at ease that they are happy and safe. Kennel Club LAX will also call you immediately if the staff has any concerns about your pet.


Tip #4: Overnight Stays While You’re In Town

If you and your dog are comfortable after half-day and full-day visits, schedule an overnight stay while you’re still in town. If you’re going on a trip where you’ll be away for several nights or more, an overnight stay is a great way to acclimate your dog to staying overnight while you’re still in town in case there is a problem.

Kennel Club LAX offers plenty of options when it comes to your dog’s stay. We offer different accommodations and play packages available to keep your dog’s stay as stress-free as possible. We offer:

  • Multiple lodging options – standard, cottage, and VIP
  • Medication services – we will administer pills, vitamins, injections, and fluids to your dog
  • Our daycare options vary depending on your needs – we provide private, group, full, and half-day, as well as passes for multiple days through the month
  • No matter how you want your pet’s stay to look, Kennel Club LAX has an option that will keep you and your pet happy and stress-free during their stay.


Book Your Tour of Kennel Club LAX

Kennel Club LAX wants to help you with these tips to make sure your dog is ready for its first visit. We feel that it’s essential to schedule a tour. This gives you an opportunity to:

  • See first-hand what your pet experience with us is
  • Ask questions about our facility, staff, and the details of your dog’s stay
  • Feel confident about leaving your pet with us for daycare or overnight boarding

Our well-trained team has been with Kennel Club LAX for many years. In addition to their experience caring for pets, all staff is trained in both pet emergencies and CPR. Kennel Club LAX treats your pet as if they were our own, and we want you to feel secure that your pet is getting the best care available while you’re away.

So, what are you waiting for — give us a call today!

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