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February 16, 2021by kennelclublax

Do you have multiple pets that get along great — and you want them to stay together when you bring them to a boarding kennel?

When you have pets that spend their days together, it can be hard to imagine them being separated while you’re away and they are staying somewhere new. That’s why we allow your pets to board together when they are in our kennel.

We’re going to show you more about what your pets will experience when they stay with us and answer some of the top questions our customers have.


How Does Boarding Together Work?

If you have multiple pets of the same species, we can offer them accommodations together. Your dogs would be kept separated during feeding times and medication administration if required, but they would be able to sleep together and board together — giving you and your pets some peace of mind.

Bringing an additional pet is at a reduced cost. Pricing information can be found here by selecting “additional dogs” or “additional cats.” Should you have more than two pets you wish to house at once — please contact us to go over the options available to you.


Different Temperaments

We completely understand if your pets have different temperaments. If one of your dogs is less dog-friendly than the other, we are more than able to keep your feisty friend away from other dogs and let your more social friend interact with other dogs during group activities.

We don’t just stop at group activities. We also offer customization to your dog’s stay to let them get the one-on-one play they love.


When Can Pets Not Board Together?

Unfortunately, we are unable to house cats and dogs together. Should you have a cat and a dog, we will have to board them separately.

We also cannot house pets from different households together.


What Do I Need To Do Before Drop Off?

Your companion’s health and safety are of the utmost importance to us, which is why we require your furry friend to have proof of vaccinations before arrival. You will want to make sure your pet receives all vaccinations at least two weeks before their stay with us just in case there are any reactions.

  • Dogs will require a rabies vaccine, the dhlp-p vaccine, and the bordetella vaccine.
  • Cats will need their fvrcp vaccine before arrival.

We check for fleas upon arrival. If we notice fleas or flea dirt, your pet will receive a bath from one of our professional groomers for an additional fee.

We are also able to accommodate any diet your pet may have. Should you wish to bring your own food for your pet, we can ensure it is fed to them. If your pet is less picky, we have kibble available at no additional charge to your boarding prices — giving you less to worry about as you plan your time away from home.

We also offer a wide variety of treats and snacks for your pets that you can select here under “Activity Add-Ons.”


What Is Kennel Club LAX Like?

Our facility is conveniently located near LAX. We offer early morning and late-night drop-offs and pickups for you and your furry friends. We can even arrange to pick up from LAX should you need it. We offer grooming + spa services, daily cleaning of your pet’s condo, and three meals a day catered to any picky pet.

Your pet will be monitored throughout the night, and you can even call us at (310) 242-0038 after hours to check on your companions. Our 24/7 staff would be happy to reassure you of your pets’ comfort, safety, and happiness.

Our staff are also trained to respond in pet CPR and can administer most medications for a small additional fee.

During the day, your dog will be able to participate in group activities as well as one-on-one play. Cats won’t participate in any group play but will still get plenty of exercise through activities like our kitty laser-tag and kitty aerobics.

We even offer premium packages to make your dog or cat’s stay with us as exciting as possible. From kitty-safe milk and cookies to our premium pooch activity package, we offer a wide variety of different add-ons to make your pets stay great.

Check out our website under “Activities Add-Ons” to see more of our activity package pricing and details on all of our daytime fun.


What About Grooming?

You’ll also make optional appointments with our groomer. Our grooming appointments fill quickly, so if you wish for your pet to receive an exit bath or specific services throughout their stay, you would want to schedule them as soon as possible.

We recommend exit baths for dogs boarding longer than three days, senior pets, puppies, and long-haired dogs. Our baths include a pet pedicure, ear cleaning, and a full brush out.

Don’t forget that you can pick up your pet any time before 6 pm if you opt-in to an exit bath. If your pet is not receiving an exit bath, your pick up window will be between 8 am-11 am. If they need to stay longer, you will be charged an extra day of stay.


Why Stay At Kennel Club LAX?

Our facility is not just filled with the best comfort amenities possible. Our goal is to provide you and your pet with the experience best tailored to your individual needs. Our staff encourages you to communicate with us on your wishes. We will do our best to accommodate anything within our power.

Don’t just take it from us- Many of our customers continue to come back time and time again. Our customers say we are “wonderful- caring, considerate, friendly and very professional.”

We now offer punch cards for daycare stays, offering you discounts for continuing to use our daytime-only services.

Contact us to learn more about boarding your pet at Kennel Club LAX and how we can help you meet their unique needs.

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