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January 11, 2021by kennelclublax

The decision to board your pet in a kennel isn’t easy. You might worry that they’ll get lonely or won’t have potty and exercise breaks often enough. Another common concern for many pet owners when considering boarding is the fear of their pets getting sick.

With viruses like Parvo and Kennel Cough to worry about, it’s a valid concern that warrants scrutiny of potential kennels you’re considering. You need to question them thoroughly on their cleaning practices and ask them what precautions they take to keep your pet safe before booking your pet’s stay.

At Kennel Club LAX, we understand just how important of a decision it is to board your pet with us. We want you to feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

That’s why we put together this article so you can see the nine ways we go above and beyond to keep your pets safe while they’re with us. Keep reading to learn more.

9 Ways We Keep Your Pets Safe

We take your pet’s safety very seriously here at Kennel Club LAX. Our staff follows strict protocols for cleaning and sanitizing all areas of our facilities routinely. Let’s dive into these protocols in more detail so you can see precisely what precautions we take to ensure your pets are healthy and happy.


#1: Daily Sanitation of all Suites and Runs

Our staff thoroughly washes and sanitizes all suites and runs every morning using veterinary-grade medical cleaners. We alternate cleaning products frequently to ensure everything is covered.


#2: We Wash All Bedding Daily

On top of the daily cleanings our staff performs on the suites and runs, your pet’s bedding gets washed daily too. Daily washings mean your pet gets to enjoy clean and fresh-smelling bedding throughout their stay.


#3: Water and Food Bowls Get Washed and Sanitized Daily

Food and water bowls get dirty fast, especially if your pet is a messy eater. Our staff washes and sanitizes all food and water bowls daily, so they always have clean bowls.


#4: We Monitor Your Pets 24/7

Our staff watches your pet 24/7, so any messes they make get cleaned up immediately. Your pet will never be stuck lying next to an accident on the floor.


#5: We Have a Hospital-Grade HVAC System

At Kennel Club LAX, our HVAC system is equipped with blue-light filtration, meaning the air circulating in gets cleaned and sanitized by the blue light. We change the filters throughout the facility weekly to ensure your pets are breathing the cleanest air possible.


#6: We Sanitize and Clean Our Play Yard Throughout the Day

Our staff members are always out in the play yard, keeping things clean and sanitized daily. On top of that, we power-wash and sanitize the play yards at the end of every day.


#7: We Provide Bedding During Your Pet’s Stay

To reduce the risk of spreading diseases or parasites, we ask you to leave your pet’s bedding at home. Our staff will provide your pet with everything they need to be comfortable during their stay.


#8: We Take Extra Precautions to Prevent Flea Infestations

Our staff is continually checking your pets for fleas and ticks. Our frequent screenings and strict cleaning procedures make it incredibly hard for fleas to survive long within our walls.


#9: We Require Your Pets to Have Their Vaccinations

All pets who stay at Kennel Club LAX must have up to date vaccination records. We’re very strict about this policy because we don’t want your pet to make another guest sick. The vaccinations we require your pet to have include:

  • Rabies & Distemper Parvo: within 1 or 3 years depending on the type given
  • Bordetella: within 6 months
  • FVRCP: within 1 or 3 years depending on the type given

Do you have a dog under four months old or a cat under three months old? Contact us to inquire about boarding pets this young.


Book Your Pet’s Stay Now

When you book your pet’s stay at Kennel Club LAX, they’ll benefit from a lot more than just our strict cleaning protocols. We have numerous activities your pet can take part in, so they enjoy their stay at our facility.

Some of the activities we offer are:

  • All-day group play
  • Splash time in our pool
  • Individual park time
  • Massages
  • Special Treats
  • Brushing

You can review a full list of our boarding/daycare services or visit our FAQ page for answers to the most common questions.

Are you still not convinced that Kennel Club LAX is the right fit for your pet? Here’s what one of our clients had to say about their experience:

“You guys make everything easy. You can be reached by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your prices are extremely reasonable. You are always courteous on the phone and in person, no matter how visibly busy you are. You were always open whenever we needed you, including weekend and holiday check-ins and -outs. Your drop-off procedures are fairly simple, quick, painless and welcoming. You are very accommodating to special needs and requests. You offer many special options, but you never once tried to push an up-sell on me. Your facilities are remarkably clean and well-maintained.”  –Arthur W.

Book your pet’s stay now or contact us when you’re ready to speak to a team member about your pet’s unique needs.

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