BoardingMy Dog Isn’t Very Social, Can He Still Stay in a Boarding Kennel?

December 14, 2020by kennelclublax

I was very nervous about leaving my dog during our vacation… They were very accepting of my dog and willing to listen about his quirks and any concerns I may have had. My dog is not very socialized and they were willing to try it out with him… After we picked him from his extended stay during our vacation (6 days) he was so excited to see us and seemed happy. We paid for him be bathed upon his exit and his fur was so shiny and smelled so good… Overall our pup seemed happy and we plan to bring him back for grooming. You just know when you are in the presence of dog people who take the time to understand and care for them.” –Q.


Non-social dogs can be difficult to board if the kennel isn’t prepared to meet their needs. Your pet should have time to socialize with staff and enjoy some of the same amenities as social dogs.

When you’re researching your options, ask the facility the following questions:

  • How often will my pet go on walks?
  • Does anyone spend one-on-one time playing with my pet during their stay?
  • What kind of activities can my pet take part in?
  • Will my pet be safe and isolated from other pets?

At Kennel Club LAX, we know how to accommodate and care for your non-social dog. Let us show you what amenities you should look for when comparing kennels.


#1: Private Lodging

Your non-social dog may do fine in standard lodgings if they aren’t bothered by the sight and sounds of other dogs nearby.

With standard lodging, your dog stays in a traditional indoor run with raised flooring and bedding for cleanliness and comfort. Your pet will benefit from a private run while still getting to see and hear the neighbors.

Most boarding kennels offer these types of lodges, but if your pet has anxiety around other dogs or prefers to be alone, this wouldn’t be ideal for them.

At Kennel Club LAX, we also provide private cottages for pets who prefer more private accommodations. When you book a private cottage, your pet can enjoy their stay in one of our fourteen themed rooms.

Each room contains a luxury bed and private flat screens that follow destination themes — such as Las Vegas, Texas and even Paris!

Dog Cottages (Perfect for non-social dogs)


#2. Social Time & Play Time

Not all boarding kennels offer additional attention and playtime beyond potty breaks and walking 2-3 times a day. At Kennel Club LAX, we want your non-social pet to enjoy their stay just as much as social dogs do, so we go the extra mile with their care.

At Kennel Club LAX, you can also purchase additional individual activities for your pet to enjoy during their stay:

  • Pool time
  • Park time
  • Personal attention and playtime
  • Massage Time

Not only that, you can purchase additional treats for them to enjoy in their private cottages while they enjoy some alone time watching tv.


#3. Compassionate & Accommodating Staff

The best boarding kennels will be passionate about making sure your pet has the best experience possible during their stay. Their staff will listen to your pet’s needs and take action to guarantee they have the best stay possible.

At Kennel Club LAX, we understand how much you care about your pet and how concerned you are for their well-being while not in your care. That’s why we offer to send you photos and videos of your pet at any time of the day.

We have staff on-site looking after your pet 24/7. We’re also happy to provide you with status updates any time you want to check in on them.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the services and the level of care we provide, then contact us when you’re ready to book your pet’s stay.

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