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November 12, 2020by kennelclublax

Are you concerned about your pet’s safety over the holidays? COVID-19 may be changing the way you celebrate this year, but your pets still face new stressors and dangers during the holidays.

Whether you’re going to be traveling or having family over, your pet will be in new situations that could be harmful or stressful for them.

For example, at home, your pets’ environment is structured and secure. You’ve probably taken measures to ensure your pets’ safety — like installing dog doors or outdoor fencing. However, your family members aren’t used to your pets and their rules. Introducing new people into your house while you celebrate can result in:

  • family members letting them loose accidentally
  • your pet ingesting something toxic that was left out
  • getting into fights with other pets
  • your pet feeling stressed by all the new people

If you’re leaving home and visiting family members, you have to choose between taking your pet or leaving them home alone.

If your pet travels with you, your family might not have accommodations to keep your pet safe. Also, if they have pets, their pets may not get along with yours.

Of course, leaving them at home while you go to visit family isn’t ideal either. They could suffer from separation anxiety and damage your home with destructive chewing.

A much safer and easier solution is to board them at a trusted kennel where they can play with other pets and get pampered by the staff. While you’re spending time making memories with loved ones, they’ll be enjoying their time getting spoiled in a secure and loving environment.

Still not convinced that boarding is the right choice for you? Keep reading for three reasons that you should consider boarding your dogs and cats over the holidays.


#1: Boarding Is Safer and Reduces Stress

You may worry that boarding your pet will be stressful for your pet — especially if they haven’t stayed in a boarding kennel before. However, not boarding them can be significantly more stressful.

If Family is Coming to You…

You may have family traveling to celebrate with you at your home. It may seem like your pet will be ok since they will be in familiar surroundings. However, it’s still very stressful and potentially dangerous for them.

More People

Your home will have people in it that aren’t usually there. Some of those people may have small children that your pet isn’t accustomed to. There may also be people that aren’t familiar with pets, and they may do things like leaving the door open without thinking about it.

Food Dangers

You’ll also likely have many foods in your house that are dangerous — such as chocolate, raw bones, nutmeg, and many others. Friends and family that aren’t used to having pets around may leave their plates unattended.


If You’re Traveling…

During the Trip

Traveling is stressful for pets. If you’re traveling by car, your pet could become car sick, bark and whine the entire car ride, or even urinate, defecate, or vomit in your vehicle. Even if your pet is ok for short trips around town, that doesn’t mean they won’t have issues on longer car rides.

If you’re traveling by plane, the airport’s sights and sounds can be very overwhelming for them.

Staying in a Hotel

Are you planning to stay in a hotel? Most hotels don’t accept pets and the ones that do often charge more if your pets upset other guests by making too much noise.

Also, you take the chance that your pet may damage motel property if you plan to leave them alone in the room while you’re away. Even if you crate them, you may be violating policy by leaving them unattended.

Staying with Friends and Family

Your pet will be away from their routines, bed, home, and the things that are familiar to them. This change can result in unwanted behavior and unnecessary stress for you, your pet, and your loved ones.

The stress of being in a new environment and around new people can be too much for some pets. Boarding your pet gives you the flexibility to find a facility with accommodations best suited to make your pet happy.


#2: Custom Accommodations Allow Your Pet to Enjoy Their Stay

Custom accommodations you’ll find at some facilities include anything from standard dog runs to decked out cottages with TVs to keep them relaxed and entertained.

Suppose your pet doesn’t get along with other animals and their presence easily stresses them. In that case, you can board them in a private cottage where they can relax by themselves. That doesn’t mean they’ll be lonely — at Kennel Club LAX, we pamper your pets with one-on-one playtime with our staff.

If your pet is social and enjoys playing with other pets, they can spend time playing with other dogs in the pool or our play areas. You can also purchase additional playtime with our staff, where they get pampered and can play games.

You can even book their stay in one of our themed cottages where they can enjoy special treats and TV during their stay.


#3: Your Pet Gets to Participate in Special Holiday Activities

At Kennel Club LAX, we believe the holidays should be just as memorable for your pets as they are for you. For more than 25 years, we’ve upheld the same holiday traditions at our boarding facility.

When your pet stays with us over the holidays, they’ll get to participate in special activities like:

  • Photoshoots of your pet in costumes for Halloween.
  • Freshly cooked turkey, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin for Thanksgiving,
  • Special cookie treats and a snow day celebration in December. We fill our play yard with 2 tons of snow during the snow day celebration and let the dogs loose for some fun. (**Due to COVID-19, this event may be canceled**)


Where Should I Board My Pet?

Finding suitable boarding options starts with communication. You need to talk to the facility about your unique needs and the concerns you have for your pet’s stay. Schedule a time to visit kennels you’re interested in and talk with their staff to find the best options.

Ask the following questions to make sure the boarding facility you choose is a good fit for your pet:

  • Will my pet get adequate exercise and opportunities for potty breaks?
  • What food will you feed my pet during their stay? Can I bring food from home for them to eat?
  • How do I know my pet will be safe during their stay? What safety precautions do you have in place?
  • How often will my pet get to socialize with other pets or with staff?
  • Can you properly store and administer my pet’s prescription medications?

At Kennel Club LAX, we want your pet to have a positive and enjoyable stay. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure your pet is safe, loved, and pampered while they’re in our care.

Here’s what one of our client’s had to say about their experience with our facility:

“This place is amazing. I found out about it by searching online for overnight lodging services for my two 1 year old dogs. The place is very spacious and clean. The attendants were friendly and well informed. I toured the place before utilizing the services. While my dogs were under their care for 3 nights plus wagtime add-ons, the staff took pictures and texted them. They looked happy. I didn’t take advantage of their grooming services but I should have. They returned the dogs smelling amazing. Their fur was soft and silky. I was told they may have wiped them down with their natural organics products. I highly recommend” – Justice S.

Do you have more questions? Visit our FAQs page and contact us to learn more about boarding your pet at Kennel Club LAX and how we can help you meet their unique needs.

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