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October 19, 2020by kennelclublax

Are you concerned about boarding your pet who has special care needs or prescription medications they need to take? If so, finding an excellent place to board them is tough.

Veterinarians seem like a great choice, but they often close early and leave your pet alone in a small kennel after business hours.

Not all boarding facilities have the necessary setup and equipment to handle your pet’s needs. Kennels without overnight staff could potentially lead to problems for pets in a cast or recovering from surgery.

At Kennel Club LAX, we offer the best of both worlds. Your pet receives 24/7 care, and we have the equipment to store medications with refrigeration requirements. We also have experienced staff who can change bandages or administer injections during their stay.

Keep reading for three tips to successfully boarding your pet who needs specialized care.


Tip #1: Be Clear on What Your Pet’s Needs Are

Before boarding your pet, you need to be clear on what level of care they need so you can find a facility that can accommodate those needs.

Some examples of situations where a pet would need special care include:

  • Post-surgical observation such as changing bandages and monitoring stitches
    Allergies that require frequent prescription medications
    Casts that need to stay dry and the assistance your pet will need with taking walks to use the bathroom — such as a belly sling
    Wounds that require cleaning, topical medications, and bandage changes
    Neurological or physical disabilities or conditions
    Administration of subcutaneous fluids
    Injuries that require close monitoring, minimal activity, and medication (topical, injectable, or digestible)

No matter what level of care your pet requires, in most cases, we can provide that care at Kennel Club LAX.


Tip #2: Research Your Options Before Boarding

Not all kennels can provide the same level of care that we do at Kennel Club LAX. You should research each facility and the services they offer to make the best decision for your pets needs.

Don’t rely on quick internet searches alone before making the final decision to board your pet with a specific kennel. You’ll need to call and talk to the staff about your pet’s needs and ask them if they can accommodate them.

Find out what services they offer to provide social and playtime for your pet — especially if the doctor ordered them to rest and take it easy.

A kennel not equipped to handle your pet’s needs could result in your pet getting walked less. The staff won’t walk them as often as they should if it’s too complicated or they don’t have the necessary equipment.

At Kennel Club LAX, we treat every pet the same. Your pet will enjoy a high level of care and enjoyable experience — even if they have special needs. We love your pets as much as you do and want their stay with us to be as easy on them as possible and enjoyable.

When you board your pet at Kennel Club LAX, they’ll receive plenty of attention, even if they can’t socialize with other pets during group play.


Tip #3: Don’t Forget to Pack the Essentials

Once you know where your pet will board, you’ll need to make sure none of the essentials are left behind when it comes time to drop them off.

Start by making yourself a list of all the medications or special food you need to bring for your pet, and write a list of instructions for the kennel. Advise the kennel on how often your pet should receive their medications and food, and how much to give them.

When it comes time for your pet’s stay, use the list you created while packing, so nothing important gets left behind.


BONUS TIP: How to give your pets medication at home

Here are 5 things we recommend to help make the process easier:

  1. Never open the pill bottle in front of your pet. Do not let them see you with it and wash your hands after touching it so they do not smell the taste.
  2. Hide the pill in a favorite treat! Use something soft to completely cover the pill. We recommend using a soft pill hider such as a pill pocket, cheese, or peanut butter. Some pets love meat and we recommend wrapping the pill up in a piece of plain chicken or turkey slice. (No seasoning, of course!)
  3. Put the pill directly into the back of their mouth. If your pet refuses to eat or does not like treats you may have to manually “pill” them put it at the back of their mouth. Make sure to do it in a quiet environment with no other distractions. Be sure to watch for them trying to split it out of the side of their mouth. We recommend sitting with them for a moment stroking their neck to make sure they swallowed the pill completely. Here’s my recommended video on how to do this.
  4. Get a pill shooter. If you do not feel comfortable putting your hand in their mouth, an over-the-counter pill shooter is a great way to get the pill far enough back safely and effectively. Still stroke their neck and make sure they swallowed their pill. We use one like this one on Amazon.
  5. Make it a positive experience. Always praise and love on your pet once they finish their pill to assure them that they did great and create a positive association.


Board Your Pet at Kennel Club LAX

At Kennel Club LAX, we’ll make accommodations for your pet to meet their bedding, walking, and special care requirements.

Are you worried about your pet having access to a veterinarian during their stay? We have several veterinary offices close by, where our staff can take your pet if necessary or even for a follow-up or routine visit.

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