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December 24, 2013by kennelclublax


Tis the season to be festive, jolly, and merry! Preparing for the holidays can be a major task. Protecting our 4-legged family members from harm is a real concern. The list below contains preventative safety measures to ensure your furry family member has a fun and healthy holiday season.

1. Christmas trees can be very enticing for pets. Anchor your tree to ensure stability. Corners provide additional security.

2. Ornaments and lights should be placed outside of curious paws to avoid the tree falling, ingesting toxic ornaments, or getting an electrical shock.

3. Clean up fallen pine needles frequently. These needles can cause severe digestive problems. Other holiday plants, such as holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia are also poisonous to dogs and cats.

4. Decorative candles can bring a special ambiance to any cold December night. However, moving flames are very intriguing to most pets. Keep these candles out of reach.

5. Certain foods can be life threatening to our 4-legged loved ones. Chocolate and sugar free products containing xylitol (commonly found in gum and sugar free products), can be very dangerous. Should your pet ingest any of these foods, contact your veterinarian or emergency veterinary center. Table scraps can be a tasty treat. Avoid bones and spices, as they can be potentially harmful. Having special treats for your furry family member is the best way to make him or her feel part of the holiday fun. This December, The Kennel Club LAX is serving homemade Gingerbread-Pups. This is a tasty and healthy dog treat.

6. Keep exit doors closed to avoid wandering dogs or cats.

Deck the halls and be jolly this holiday season! It would not feel like the holidays without new guests. This can be very exciting or a little scary for pets. Allow your pet to have a time out space to retreat if they get over stimulated or just need a break from the holiday cheer. Your guests should be aware of your house rules to keep your loved ones safe.

The Kennel Club LAX wishes all of our 2-legged and 4-legged friends a joyful and safe holiday season!

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