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October 29, 2021by kennelclublax

Leaving your cat behind when you go away for work or vacations can be stressful for both of you. While cats may seem like very independent creatures, the truth is, they need a lot of love and care.

If you’ve considered having a cat sitter look after your cat while you’re away, you’re not alone. Many people leave their cats with sitters, either in their own home or the sitter’s home, for long and short periods. But is that really the best option for your cat?

Cats are very particular creatures that require a good deal of attention when you’re away. We’d like to explain why choosing to board your cat is a better solution than leaving them with a cat sitter the next time you need to travel.


Home Alone is Never a Good Idea

Before diving into comparing cat sitters with boarding facilities, we’d like to stress that leaving your cat alone, even for a couple of days, is never a good idea. Cats can get up to all sorts of mischief when they’re left alone, and they could find themselves hurt or even sick if someone isn’t around to keep an eye on them.

Cats aren’t known for their excellent self-control, either, so pouring out a few days’ worth of food and hoping your kitty won’t eat it all in one sitting is a bad idea. Most likely, your cat will overindulge and be sick, then go hungry until someone can come and refill their bowl. That’s definitely not a pleasant experience for anyone, especially your cat.


Risks of Using a Cat Sitter

You may think that hiring a cat sitter is a better alternative to leaving your cat alone, and while it would at least solve the overeating problem, it does pose a host of other issues you’d need to consider.

Cats can be quite the cantankerous characters. Even the friendliest of cats may hide when your cat sitter comes to stay. Unlike dogs, who tend to crave constant human companionship, cats are often quite happy to hide away for hours at a time, which can be problematic for several reasons.

Risk #1: Administering Medications

If your cat has to have regular medications, your cat sitter may find it challenging to do if they can’t find your kitty. And even if your sitter can locate your cat, they may struggle to administer the medication, especially if they aren’t used to the process.

If your sitter can’t give your cat its medications, or worse, skips them because it seems like too difficult a task, it could be awful for your cat’s health. Likewise, if your sitter gets frustrated and is too rough when administering the medicine, your cat could be traumatized or injured by the experience.

Risk #2: Monitoring Feeding and Bowel Movements

It can be challenging for cat sitters to monitor your cat’s feeding and bowel movements, especially if you have multiple kitties. Often, cats won’t come out to eat when the sitter is around, especially if the cat isn’t used to the person looking after them.

Because of this, it can be difficult for a cat sitter to gauge how much food each cat consumes when there are multiple cats in a household.

It can also be challenging to tell if each cat has regular bowel movements. For example, loose stools can be a sign of illness or stress, but if your sitter isn’t aware of this or has multiple cats to look after, they may not know which cat is suffering.

Risk #3: Comfort and Safety

Cats are very particular when it comes to their comfort. Having a strange person come into their territory can make them feel unsafe, and they may try to escape from your home. Cats are quick and stealthy, and your cat sitter may not even realize that your cat has escaped until much later.

Cats are also easily upset if their litter box isn’t cleaned regularly. If your sitter only cleans it when it ‘seems to need it,’ your cat could get agitated and resort to toileting outside the litter box in protest. A regularly cleaned litter box is vital to your cat’s comfort, but does your cat sitter understand this?


Why Boarding is Better for Cats

While it may seem that cats are better off in their own home while you’re away, they’re actually more likely to be better off with a boarder or cattery. Because cats are so independent and easily frightened into hiding, they benefit much more from a controlled environment where they can be closely monitored.

Benefit #1: Better Care with Medications and Feeding

If your cat is older or has a health condition that requires medication, consider boarding them. Not only will they benefit from having a trained professional administer medications and monitor their health, but they’ll also benefit from being consistently monitored during their stay.

At a cattery, your cat will be fed regularly and watched to ensure that they’re eating. They’ll always have someone on hand to comfort them, and they’ll have their litter box cleaned regularly, too.

Benefit #2: Boarding Your Cat is Safer

Because boarded cats aren’t in their own home, they won’t feel as though their territory has been invaded. They won’t have the opportunity to try and escape, and they will benefit from the constant supervision of the boarding staff.

For some cats, boarding is a comfortable, pleasant experience. They won’t be left entirely alone and at risk of overeating out of boredom. And they won’t have to contend with a stranger in their personal space. But they will have constant attention and affection if they want it.

Benefit #3: Better Access to Trained Professionals

At Kennel Club LAX we have staff on site 24/7 to take care of your pets. You can travel safely knowing that our caring professionals are providing enriching activities and companionship for your cat while you’re away.

Our cattery is specially designed to provide them with a peaceful and relaxing environment. It’s in an area away from the dog boarding facilities so they won’t be disturbed by barking, and each cat gets their own private accommodations.

Benefit #4: Multiple Cats Can Be Separated

If you have more than one cat, you may be tempted to hire a cat sitter to keep the cats at home. However, cats can become aggressive when under stress, including when they feel lonely or when a stranger (the cat sitter) is in their space.

Boarding multiple cats can work better because you have the option to board them separately (but near each other) if they don’t become stressed during their stay.

Each cat benefits from individualized attention and constant care when they’re boarded, so you won’t have to worry about your beloved pets’ safety.

Benefit #5: Your Cat Will Have More Fun

Boarding your cats while you’re away means your cat will have much more fun. Instead of being left home alone with no human interaction, with a boarding facility, there is a full staff that is there to play with the cats every day — giving them all of the right toys, and treats!

If you were looking for toys for your cat, we’d recommend Dabird cat toys. Dabird is the #1 quality cat toy handcrafted in the U.S. Here at Kennel Club LAX, we use them in kitty aerobics and we’ve even given them out as special gifts. Our clients love them!

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Boarding Cats is Better Than a Sitter

Ultimately, cat sitters can’t give your cat the constant attention and safety that a professional boarding facility can. When cats are boarded, their needs and safety are prioritized throughout the entirety of their stay.

At The Cattery (Kennel Club LAX’s exclusive boarding facility for cats), we know that every cat is different. Some may prefer lots of attention, while others just want to be left alone to bask in the sunlight. We strive to ensure that every cat has a perfect stay, and our staff is available 24/7 to meet every animal’s needs.

Our cat boarding spaces are designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, and your kitty can run, jump, and play as much as they like. We also help anxious cats settle in using Feliway pheromones that provide a calming scent for cats. In short, we make sure that your cat’s health, safety, and happiness are our priority, so you don’t have to worry about them when you’re away.

Book your kitty in with us the next time you have to be away from home. We’ll take excellent care of your feline friend, and you can enjoy your trip worry-free.

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