BoardingCatsWhat Are the Available Accommodations for Cats at Kennel Club LAX?

December 1, 2021by kennelclublax

When you can’t be home to look after your feline companions, you want to ensure that they’ll still get the best care possible. You could leave them with a pet sitter, but using boarding services or a cattery is a much better and safer option. Although we’re widely known for our fantastic kennel facilities for dogs, Kennel Club LAX also specializes in providing quality care for your beloved cats.

While using a kennel for your cats may seem odd, you can rest assured that we will provide your cats just as carefully as we care for your dogs. At Kennel Club LAX, we love our feline friends just as much as we love looking after dogs, and we have the best facilities to meet all your kitty’s needs.

Whether you have one kitty or multiple that need a place to stay, we have accommodations to meet your feline friends’ every need. Here’s the scoop on the available accommodations for cats at Kennel Club LAX.


Spacious and Stress-free Accommodations

Just because we board dogs, it doesn’t mean the cats have to know about it. Our kitty accommodations are kept separate from our dog accommodations for a stress-free and peaceful environment. All of our cat accommodations benefit from natural light, and we even play relaxing music to help keep your kitty calm and happy.

Whether you have one cat or multiple, we have the perfect accommodation options for your needs. Choose from a Single Condo, Double Condo, or our VIK (Very Important Kitty) Condo for your favorite feline. We even have Luxury Window Condos that allow your cat a cozy option for sunning themselves.


Single Condos

Our single condos are perfect for one cat and include benches for lounging as well as areas for relaxing, eating, and using the litter box. The dimensions are 22in x 26in x 30in. They’re cozy and comfortable, perfect for keeping your kitty happy away from home.

Like every good hotel room, your kitty’s condo features comfy bedding that is changed frequently. Each condo is also cleaned throughout the day, so your kitty can rest peacefully in fresh surroundings.


Standard Double Condos

Cat In Standard Double Condo Accommodations

Our standard double condos are roomier, can accommodate two cats, and contain all the same elements as our single condos. The dimensions are 26in x 33in X 30in. Double condos can also be opened up to accommodate up to four cats, so if you have multiple cats or if your kitty loves more space to explore, this could be the ideal accommodation.


Luxury Window Condos

Cat in Luxury Window Condo Accommodations

These kitty condos have windows for cats to lounge against. Perfect for a warm nap. Consider them rooms with a view, and they’re perfect for up to two cats. The dimensions are 45in x 26in x 30in. They have all the same amenities as the other condos, and your cats will receive the same attention and care no matter which type of accommodation they’re in.


VIK (Very Important Kitty) Condos

Cat standing in Very Important Kitty (VIK) Accommodations

Very Important Kitties deserve extra special accommodations, so we offer our more sophisticated and selective kitties a choice between two superb condos. One is filled with natural light and features a window into the reception area (so they get lots of attention and stimulation). Its dimensions are 61in x 61 in x 78in.

The other VIK Condo is perfect for cats who love to climb and move around. It is a floor-to-ceiling accommodation that features glass blocks and several areas for lounging, socializing, or just soaking up the attention of our staff. It can hold up to four cats and is great for kitties who like to be active and social. Its dimensions are 71in x 35in x 95in.

VIK Condos also benefit from a few ‘extras’ that will make your kitty feel more pampered. From plush, soft beds to frequent ‘maid service,’ these condos create a first-class experience your cat will love.


Complete Care for Your Cat

Kimberly cuddling a cat

We aim to make your cat’s stay perfect, so we work with you to determine your pet’s individual needs. We provide everything your cat needs, from food and bedding to litter trays and toys, so your cat’s every need is met to their satisfaction.

In addition to relaxing music and natural light, our cattery features a play area with toys and agility items where every kitty can exercise and burn off their extra energy. We make sure that every kitty is fed three times a day, and we even have fresh tuna and chicken for those cats with a more selective palate.

Your kitty’s litter box will be checked and cleaned frequently, and they’ll get a chance to play or socialize while their condo is being cleaned. Safety and comfort are our primary concerns, so you can rest assured that your kitty will be in good hands with our experienced, friendly staff.


All the Extras Your Cat Will Love

Cat in Kitty Aerobics Room sitting on play structure
Our Kitty Aerobics Room

We understand that every pet is unique, and we genuinely want to make your cat’s stay a happy, satisfying one. You can choose to add on ‘extras’ for your cat, like afternoon activity packages or special, tasty treats. However, no matter what you choose for your pet, you can rest assured that your kitty will receive excellent care in an environment that’s relaxing and fun.

Have a kitty who can’t get enough action and attention? You could add Kitty Aerobics or Laser Tag to their stay and help them burn off their excess energy. Or treat your pet to some delicious Fish & Chips, our range of delectable treats for special kitties. 

No matter what your cat likes, we have options designed to keep every furry feline fully content. Of course, even without the extras, your cat will get the very best care in the very best accommodations, so you can relax without worrying about them while you’re away.


Board Your Cats With Us For a Better Experience

At Kennel Club LAX, we know that your pets are family members. We treat them like family, too, and we provide accommodations tailored to their individual needs and preferences. 

Whether you have a shy kitty who just needs a little space or one that craves the spotlight and wants to be cuddled all the time, we can help. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, so your pet is never left alone. And safety is our top priority, so you won’t have to worry about your cat escaping or being harmed.Your cat deserves the best getaway you can give, and you deserve to rest easy knowing that your pet is in good hands. Book your cat’s next stay with us, and let us pamper your kitty the way they deserve to be pampered.

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