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El Segundo Animal Hospital has grown to be a new gem among South Bay pet owners, after opening their doors just a little over two and a half years ago in the community based town. What makes this hospital so unique is the staff’s compassion for pets, as well as every client that walks through...


In Loving Memory of Sprinkles Graner 1998-2012 Gifts come in many sizes, shapes and colors…even black and white. Back in December of 1998, my Manager informed me that an appalling individual had abandoned an absolutely adorable Dalmation puppy by the name of Sprinkles. I brought her home that very night! My husband is a Fireman,...

5325 W 102nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Mon.-Sun.: 8 AM - 6 PM + After-hours
Monthly Tips & Deals + $20 off

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