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January 1, 2013by kennelclublax


In Loving Memory of Sprinkles Graner


Gifts come in many sizes, shapes and colors…even black and white.

Back in December of 1998, my Manager informed me that an appalling individual had abandoned an absolutely adorable Dalmation puppy by the name of Sprinkles. I brought her home that very night!

My husband is a Fireman, and as Dalmatians are prominently associated with this honorable vocation, I trusted she would be a perfect addition to our family of three kids, six cats, two horses, two goats and one dog! But, Oh No…he was far from being elated. My husband believed we should have previously discussed the situation of adding a bouncy black and white pup to our troop; however, within only a week, Sprinkles became his second daughter!


Despite her turbulent beginning in life, Sprinkles – aka “Bunks” – proudly became a “print and bikini model” for The Kennel Club LAX. Her delightful white-toothed smile impressed us all, even though it caused a sneeze or two from lack of oxygen! Sprinkles loved dressing up for Halloween, playing ball, and even helping dad with tedious yard work.


As our pup got older, the fateful consequences of puppy-mill breeding took effect. Bunks suffered chronic ear infections, skin allergies, and a loss of hearing. The most crippling was severe joint displacement. But through it all, she was a beautiful contribution to our family, a loyal confidant, and a comforting cuddling partner when dad was working the night shift.

On November 3, 2012, our cherished baby crossed over the Rainbow Bridge

I miss you my precious Bunks, and will be forever thankful for your treasured gift of sharing life with me and my family.


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